I Have This Friend... Video

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  • Updated on : 07-21-2014 |
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Facial, Brunette, Tattoo/Piercing, Twink, Masturbation, Athletic, Facial Hair, Slim, Uncut cock, Rimming

Jason is quietly studying for his finals when Andrew comes quietly walking in yet hesitant to approach Jason. Andrew is super nervous but he begins to ask Jason if they can talk some place private after school lets out. Jason agrees to meet him in the locker room. Andrew nervous as hell paces back and forth waiting for his arrival but at last Jason shows up and is wondering what he wants to talk about. Andrew has a friend who is curious to know how you know if you're gay. Jason is taken back by it but decides to show Andrew how his so called friend will know he is gay. Jason begins to rub Andrews cock slowly and seductively which surprises him but he doesn't stop Jason. Andrew is than on his knees trying out his very first cock and he most definitely loves the man juice. Jason shows him a few tricks up his sleeve from sitting on his face to cumming all over his face. Andrew innocent as can be takes the lessons from Jason very well which ends up great for both of them at the end.


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